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I would like to express my sincere thanks to Tammy Schlitters, a student and friend who assisted me with the editing of this little volume. Tammy also authored my brief biography. Without question, she is one of the best write-editors I have ever encountered. And my gesture of appreciation to DeAnna Morelli and Julia Compton who worked diligently on their own time to assist me with this project. And most importantly, my thanks to all the good folks from Sopris who were willing to give me their time, and also for their display of courage in the telling of their brief, and occasionally, intimate histories. I am appreciative of them all.  And to my children, Dawn Frankie, Amos Marice, and Brian James-and to Mom. This short little work is dedicated to you. 
Note: The brief chapters on Jasper Butero Jr. and Ted Martinez were initially printed in the Trinidad Chronicle News. The remainder of the stories were published in the Trinidad Plus.
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