Sopris Reunion 2020 >> 2021

This year’s Sopris Reunion is postponed for one year because of the

risks created by COVID-19


It breaks our hearts to adjust the timeline, but after hearing from several of you, talking to the State Park staff, and looking at the risks involved with COVID-19, we have collectively determined that we want to put your health and safety first.  In order to do that we feel that we MUST postpone the Sopris Reunion until next summer. 


Please know:

        · You will be receiving pre-ordered items by July—details to follow

        · You can pre-order books and pins through the end of April if you forgot to do so before                    (order form attached)

        · You can order shirts and caps until June 15th (order form attached)—and we plan to                 have them available again next year

        · You can still camp at your reserved campsites if the park re-opens

        · You can call Shannon to cancel your reservation if you choose to—there may be a                  $6.00 cancellation fee, but maybe not

        · You can still book one of the remaining 24 campsites by talking to Shannon directly               at 719-846-6951 by April 30th if you want to family camp

        · You can request a return of your donation if you wish to do so—if not, we’ll let it earn                    interest for the year

       · You are pre-registered for next year’s Sopris Reunion


Did we miss anything? 

Please contact us if you have questions we have not answered.